Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Golden 13th  Birthday Odin!
You have such a sweet, giving and loving spirit. 
Always ready to help and serve others.  
You are so excited to see what God's plan is for you. 

 You have a hard time receiving things for yourself. 
 Always wanting to give to others. 
 Love where God has you.

lover of  marvel action hero's, star wars
 books, books, and more books, camping, his siblings wrestling, swimming, art, drawing,
playing football
cooking and baking
staying up late
serving the homeless
driving  in the dark
likes things very neat and orderly
can't wait to have a family some day
and you still have a passion for the coast guard 
 You are a peace maker, a care taker and a grace giver.

 Have a wonderful day.  
We love you so much!