Friday, March 18, 2016

tough break
Well we started off our early spring true Funkhouser style.  
 Olivia was rollerblading the other day while the boys were grilling out and she fell in the driveway.  She just happened to land the wrong way this time she fell.  We sat on it for a few days just to see if the swelling would go down but it never did and she could barely use it.  
She's a trooper and never complains.  I could tell she was in pain.  I took her in and the ex rays showed she broke her Radius bone so hard it hit the Ulna bone next to it and broke that also.  The ex ray looked like it hurt. They splinted it for a few days until we could see the orthopedic Dr. and then they put the cast on. She picked yellow and she was so excited.  

 We will go back in 4 weeks for ex rays then see how they look and see if they need to cast it again.  This is going to be one long summer if this is how we are starting out.  

Happy Friday!