Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Jonah!

 Time always goes so fast....
trying to enjoy every minute of it
you will always be a miracle baby to us
can't wait to see what God's plan is for you
we love you so much!

you and Olivia will always be Irish twins

I can't believe we let you have long hair...
I loved it.... Dave did not

Last years cake..My favorite!!

 You are always sitting totally weird and uncomfortable...

This is the cake he asked for.  Odin made the whole darn thing.  They all argue over who's doing the cake. 

Thank you all for the gifts, cards and birthday wishes.  Jonah loved every bit of it.  He was puking the day before but it looks like it was a 24 hour bug we brought home from running errands on Saturday.  Not fun.  We haven't had any type of flu in this house for over a year.  I hate having sick kiddos and yes I will keep them in a bubble if that means keeping them healthy.
So far we are having an awesome week, and the extra white fluffy stuff outside was an added bonus.  The kids had a blast shoveling and making forts in the snow.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!