Tuesday, December 8, 2015

and some fuzzy bad pictures

crazy blurry sorry...I was holding Abraham

This was so much fun.  We drove around and kept doing more until Abraham got fussy in the car.  2 hours later. I tried to take pictures of their art but no go.  It wasn't happening. 

  The caped crusader.

Odin fell asleep listening to Christmas music.

All stocked up on black beans.  We eat beans in a lot of things here.  So cheap and easy.

Olivia made these little homemade pizzas for breakfast for everyone.  Anything flies in this house for breakfast

This is how Olivia likes to do her Science projects/school.

This totally cracks me up.

this cracks me up..these 2 sitting there being Walmart greeters.

Love reading to this little star..it's never ending with him

Stay warm..these past few days are so damp feeling!