Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 17

We are so blessed...

I've been working on a project here.  A long one that needed  to be done. We always try to go through our things and downsize and get rid of things we do not need.  This is one of my CD books. I have 6 and Dave has a few too.

Music is my sweet spot.  I have loved music for so long.  So many different groups and styles.  Before I met Dave I would go to best buy in Brookfield every weekend and drop a couple hundred dollars on Cd's.  Nice sets and imports.  Oh I loved imports of the Grateful Dead.  Followed them and Phish around a few summers.  I was a concert junkie.  I love everything about a good concert. 
I am going through them and downloading my favorite songs and getting rid of them.  Yup...they are going in the rummage pile. I've been playing a few for the kiddos and they think it's hilarious. No judging here! 
Such different extremes of music.  I could go from Alan Jackson, Diamond Rio, The Judds, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin, Erasure, Enya, Dolly Parton to Limp Bizkit, Tool, DJ Quick, George Clinton, White Zombie.  This is so fun yet so hard at the same time.  Hard to get rid of things you've had for so long that weigh you down.  I'm one that can cry very easily and I have to say I'm having some tears as I go through these.  That makes me feel so much better....Now you totally think I'm crazy!