Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jonah, god's goodness and Grandma Mimi

Made another trip to the walk in when Papa Paul came to visit.  Olivia and Jonah were playing catch with a water logged football.  Jonah went to catch it and it bent his finger all the way back. 

Same day...Gabe jumped on Miah and hit his chin right into Miah's eye.  First shiner for Miah

God's promises are so beautiful.

Spiders showing all their glory. The sun hit them all perfectly.

We are huge rummagers and antique shoppers.  Dave and I laughed hysterically when we saw these.  This lady reminded me of the old glamour shots and now its for sale on a wall. 

Olivia made these cupcakes for a random act of kindness and I nicely told her that her frosting kind of looked like little poop piles.  She didn't mind though.  We're all about being real here folks. 

Thank you to the mystery diaper giver.  We can never have enough diapers and formula.  Seriously that stuff is so expensive.

We had a great time with Grandma Mimi here and we did a lot of fun things. She was able to get her Christmas shopping for the kiddos done and Dave and I had some awesome date nights too. We greatly appreciate all you do for us and how much you love us.  We missed you this time Papa Julio.

Thank you for the continued prayers, love, support and gifts.  We greatly appreciate it.  We are still in need about $6,500 to complete this adoption.  Please continue to pray for this.