Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Some  home school  days I fight the urge to run the opposite direction of my children. Some days my very own kids  drive me absolutely nuts. Like seriously nuts!  The weak parts of my character (ya know the ones you’d prefer to keep nice and hidden,) will come boldly forward like nobody’s business.

Homeschooling is by turns exhausting, invigorating, exasperating, boring, incredible, and inspiring. There’s no getting around that.

You give up a lot when you home school... free time, worldly benchmarks, and a clean house.

This may be more of a challenge to some than others. I would consider myself a reasonably clean person(don't ask Dave), but this will be a shock to the obsessively clean or slightly OCD housekeepers among you. I'm OCD on some things. There is a certain level of clutter that seems to coincide with homeschooling, simply due to the fact that everyone is home all the time.

Quiet time for this momma.

You also gain a lot when you home school. Refining your character is huge. The dailiness of family life, raising children, and homeschooling have a way of bringing that stuff right up to the surface so you can deal with it. Have fun with that. But it also brings with it the dailiness of asking for more grace, more appreciation, and more patience. Since I have a tendency to forget my blessings on those hard days, I am thankful for this constant reminder that I simply cannot do this on my own. I need God’s help every... single.... day.

Memories and moments you will never forget. Siblings reading together on the couch, whispering and giggling together. Your kids heads peeping out of a new tent, eating lunch together, organizing just because. The day you set aside the books and take a walk, bike ride or just play games the rest of the day because you can. The pillow fights. Baking all day. Sleepy faces after naps and quiet time. Field trips. Laughter. Movie days. Library trips. Reading together.  Just hanging out. You’re building a family history rich with memories.

It is totally worth it!!