Monday, August 3, 2015


We had a great weekend hanging out, doing lots of swimming and errand running.  
The kids love to box while we adults supervise and dad takes part and gives a quick lesson.  We've had no broken bones yet!

This guy is wearing undies!  Praise the Lord for no more diapers and extra savings on the pocketbook.

These 2 never stop wrestling.  They were moving the pool and it became a wrestling match/water fight.

Can you tell Olivia loves having people over to play.  This is how she gets ready.

These guys are from our garden.  

This is our homemade gluten free macaroni and cheese.  I liked it but no one else did.  We won't be doing that one again I guess.  

Olivia has been making a lot of fresh cherry pies and key lime pies.  She has been randomly giving them to people. They are so cute!

This sounds crazy but we've had 2 pots of chicken noodle soup in a week.  The little stars are on some kind of soup kick.  Gluten free too.

We made this for daddy's vest he wears at work.  Each kid had a spot to write.  They loved doing this.

We are having lots of play dates this week, a visit from my brother and more family fun before school starts.  Trying to spread these days out as much as I can.  Summer is going to fast.  Secretly...I'm excited to start school.  

Happy Monday!