Monday, July 20, 2015

Devil's Lake part 1
(massive photo dump)

Devil's Lake is such a nice state park and there is so many things to do there.  We all loved the hiking and the swimming.  The hiking this year was the best the kids said.  Quite a workout for them.  The biking isn't the best for the average biker(uphill everywhere)so we walked instead.  Lots of uphill terrain everywhere you turned.  We had beautiful weather and nice easy lazy days.

Odin bought ice cream for everyone...

Jonah grilling real hot dog's

We had quiet time everyday..

rainbow painting

They love making their own walking sticks but barely ever use them for walking.  More like weapons.

We love morning wake up time by the fire.

painting anything she can find

Is this the biggest most grossest slug you have ever seen.  The kids loved it. 

so beautiful...

We have never seen a train go by while we've stayed there.  Gabe loved this.

This was Gabe after he was done.  On my lap under a few towels eating carrots and celery.

  I have 2 sick little stars.  Really bad sinus cold and cough.  Praying everyone else doesn't get it now.
Have a great Monday loving on others!