Monday, July 27, 2015

Dentists and Dr's oh my
We went to the dentist a few times this week.  We love our dentist.  Joseph and Joseph in Plymouth.  They totally rock.  Great Christian people their working hard on your teeth.  Odin had to get 2 permanent teeth fixed that he chipped. Actually Olivia chipped them with a metal flashlight.  They were playing a mean round of flashlight tag apparently.  His front 2 lower teeth.  
Then we had everyone in for a cleaning and 2 had to get ex-rays.  Walked out of there with happy smiling children and a big bill to pay ($1,300).  Going to be real here folks...Not having dental insurance completely sucks!  

Then on the way home we almost got into 2 accidents.  2 completely different people pull out in front of us.  1 crazy driver looked at us and stopped in the middle of the rode after he turned in front of us and screamed while he looked at us. I should of taken a picture.  The kids didn't know if they should laugh or cry.  Everything in the car flew on the floor.  I called the guy a  fricken idiot.  The kids gave me the wholly cow I can't believe  my mom said that look.  It was priceless.
Then on Sunday we have 1 lady cut in front of us again downtown and  I was only going about 30.  I completely laid on my horn.  She had no clue.
Then we're driving on the highway and out of nowhere this big white semi decides to move over into our lane.  He totally saw us because his front end would of hit the second row of seats.  He literally pushed us off the road onto the grass. I was going 70 so it took me awhile to slow down.  We finally got up next to him and gave him a little talking too.  Odin noticed the fish stickers on the back and that there was no 1800 how's my driving!  
The kids asked if there was some assassin out to get us or something.   

 Happy Monday!