Friday, May 8, 2015

thank you

When I was younger, all I could dream of was being a mommy. I spent hours daydreaming about how many children I would have, what their names would be,  how many orphanages I would open and how could I possibly house all the homeless children out there??? Once I was old enough, I spent my time babysitting and  nannying for families and falling in love with kids 

 I wasn’t looking for a career path, and no college for this girl. I didn’t have a strategic post-graduation plan. 

Peace Corps, working with animals or somehow opening an orphanage. 

Now that I’m here – on this side of my dream – with five healthy, joyful happy and unique children, there is something I want you to know.

My sweet children, you have made my dream come true.
From the moment I realized you were going to be part of our family, you each captured my heart. That love developed through the months of growing you in my tummy, holding you for the first time, staring at your squishy little face, admiring how you looked so much like your siblings and yet so very different. Each of you have your own personalities, your own talents, your own struggles and needs. As you grow, you become more and more of your own person and I get the best view to watch it all play out. I see things in you that remind me of daddy, you have mannerisms that you get from me. Then there are those things that are all your own and I get to find ways to encourage you, protect you, understand you … those are the best parts of being a mommy.
You are mine; we are forever connected, and I love you so much deeper than I ever knew was possible.
What I have learned over and over in my 11 short years of being a mom is that as hard as I try to lead you confidently, I will let you down.  I am still a work in progress – I’m still figuring out how to be less selfish and well-rounded and kind right along with you.
So, my kiddos, here’s what I want to say to you today:

thank you. 

Thank you for making me a mommy. For being a dream come true. For teaching me about selflessness and forgiveness and my unending need for grace. For making me laugh and being my companions. For following after me like  baby chicks. For wanting me and needing me and accepting me. You are awesome!

I love you 

  Happy Mother’s Day!