Friday, April 3, 2015

update on Dave

I wanted to update everyone on Dave. It's been a long time.  Sorry about that.  He is doing very well. A few weeks ago he went in for a bunch of tests which all came back normal. This week we went to Mayo Clinic for another 2 day trip. It went well too. Doctors think Dave is doing really good and are very happy with his recovery. So far all of his tests are clear and he shows no signs of any major problems.

It was a big relief for us. We were worried that all the stress might have caused some problems for Dave but it didn’t. Every day he left for work this past week I reminded Dave to watch his stress levels and he smiled back saying “of course”. I was  worried that he would have trouble with everything happening. Losing Chris was hard on him then all of the things he had to do for Trevor’s funeral was tough too. At times Dave looked like a zombie when he got home. He worked many late late nights and went to work very early in the morning. I thought he was going to fall over when it was all done.

At Mayo Dave always gets a scope done. The doctor puts a scope up his nose and down his throat. It has a camera on it that the doctor can see and check everything. They numb his nose but Dave always has tears running down his face when they do it. I asked him last time if it hurt because he never cries out or even makes a funny face and he said “Hell yes it hurts!” I was surprised because he seems OK when they do it. He has a very high pain tolerance. After the doctor took out the scope this time he asked Dave if he was OK and Dave said that he would rather have that done than deal with the news people of the media. They all laughed at that one. 
Thank you for all your continued love, prayers and support.  We couldn't do this without all of your help.  Thank you to all of those who helped us during this long last week. 
 We love you all dearly. 
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!