Monday, January 5, 2015

Wrap up from Christmas break

We had a great time over Christmas break.  Schooling and hanging out.  Just being intentional. I have always loved that word.  Intentional.  Teaching more of that to our kiddos this year.   Loving on each other, watching movies and playing more games and not being so strict on the school schedule. 

It's such a good feeling putting away the Christmas stuff.  Clean and not so cluttered. Fresh and new and onto the LOVE theme in our house.  I am not a clutter person.  I am obsessive about clean counter tops and that's about it. Put something down and don't use will be gone!!  I am no cleaning lady and we are fine with that.  If there's a path to walk through we're good. 

My parents treated us to steak for Christmas and New Year's.  The kids were in heaven.  It was divine!

Made some homemade refried beans....delicious with some cheese in a warm tortilla anytime.  Sometimes I'll make dinner for the kiddos and Dave and I will have popcorn, quesadillas or some other random freezer item we need to get rid of.  We are simple people here folks.

*Gabe loved our little church this year...We have it out every year.  This year he sure took a liking to it.

*They are such a happy grandma and grandpa.  Grandpa lost his arm and his glasses this year.  Poor guy.

*I seriously exploded some chocolate zucchini muffins.  I can honestly say I have never done this before.  It was a disaster.  Like a science project gone wrong.  I have started so many fires in my dear oven.  Dave is always making sure I clean that thing.

*We are still cranking out Lego sets.  We have added 3 more to the rummage pile.  A Ninjago one, the girls brave set and an old retired Star Wars one. Praying we sell them all at the rummage in May.  Goal is to put together 25 to sell.  Thank you mom for continually sorting those things.

*lots of wrestling

*crazy kids

*Usually we cut the tree with scissors and jump on it when we're done with that but......the tree was sooooo dry we couldn't do either.  We all vacuumed up a thousand needles with the shop vac.  Threw it outside and they got all crazy with it. They took the tree across the street and rolled on it  and totally messed it up.  Almost naked.  They had a blast jumping on it in the snow and dragging it and breaking the branches.  Silly stupid fun. 
Hope you had a great Christmas Break!