Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sword battles, Gabe and day 8

*love this 

*this guy still naps 2 hours a day. He just had his 2 year check up with a few shots in the thighs. He did great until the shots. He kind of milked it the whole way home.  Goal is to get him to eat more foods.  Picky eater.  Doing great over all. 

*they love to play in the snow in the wee hours...sorry neighbors they get up at 5 and playing in the dark is so much fun!

*working on more Lego sets for the rummage in May.

*Gabe likes to prepare everybody for battles.  Beware when you enter our house...there are some serious wrestling and sword battles happening. Blurry pictures below.

*We have been rockin out this game lately..

Day 8..

*These were the bomb.  Cookie dough balls inside 2 pretzels and dipped in chocolate.  Cookie dough without the eggs.  Totally yummy and delicious!.

*We love our Dr. and nurses in Sheboygan.  Thanks for all of your hard work.