Wednesday, December 3, 2014

random acts of kindness advent

Our Daily Random Acts of Kindness Advent has begun. We have been out of town since Sunday.  So we are a little off. My little stars were wanting to change the name to something else so we have been throwing around a few things.  The fun of it is doing something every day and carrying it over throughout the whole year.  We love this more and more every year. I'll be honest with you but we didn't do a very good job of carrying anything over but baking.  My kiddos just love to bake non stop so that is what we did all year.  Baked goods can change the world!!
   I hope you’ll join in on the fun with us.  Do one every day or every week.  Skip around.  Make up your own.  You can’t mess it up…kindness is kindness and it totally matters.

Some cancer notebooks for some kiddos who just found out their sweet momma has cancer.  These were so helpful for our kids throughout this journey.  They still use them occasionally.  A place where they can freely speak without talking.  

We were out of town for the first three so we had to plan accordingly...

 Day 1...
Filling up the bubble gum/trinket machines.  We couldn't find any machines for the life of us.  So we randomly placed quarters everywhere.

Day 2
Load up some change on the vending machines and spread the love..

Day 3
Buy hot cocoa for the Salvation Army bell ringer.  Couldn't find anyone ringing so we found this wonderful worker.

Spread the love!!