Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 18

*We just happen to be in Sheboygan at our home school Co op yesterday  and found a ton of outside workers.  We went to Dunkin Donuts (way more choices in a bigger city) and got about 50 munchkins.  My kiddo just love the name of those.  They sound so darn cute.  Then we got 8 not cocoas.   We drove around a bit to find our receivers.  Then at last we found a big group of them to bless.  The kiddos so kindly walked up to the construction crew and blessed them with goodies.  They all piled into the car after and were shocked how mean the guy was.   Just told them to leave and to drop the things right on the ground.  Then says "yeah, more free stuff."  The kids told them they were spreading love and kindness and Merry Christmas.  They decided to tell them that they would pray for them too once they saw how grumpy they all were.  Once we got on the road we started talking about the situation.  We never had such grumpy receivers before.  I kind of chuckled but it was a great lesson for them.  We chit chatted about people's lives and what they are going through.  You never know what kind of brokenness is going on in their lives.  The best thing you can do is tell them that you'll pray for them.    We have the same standing rule with bullies.  Totally throws them off!
It works like a charm every time!

*We did some more cookie baking yesterday.  Tried my hand at Snicker doodles and more Chocolate chip cookies.  I have never ate one before or made them.  The kiddos loved them.  Some of the kiddos got a new favorite cookie in the house. 

Have a great Friday!