Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy birthday to my loving husband

a little late

ice cream cake…all Dave inspired.
 it was divine with brownie in.

 ask and you shall receive

Time moves along and change is inevitable.  Marriage takes work.  Good, hard work and lots of it.  But I can say with humble gratitude to God,  we are both working like crazy to focus on God and Him alone.  Not each other.  Not the kids.  Not the world.  But God alone.  Everyday He is teaching us that He Is Enough.  Nothing more is required or needed.

I am so blessed to be on a  mission with you.  I love to see how God is working in him and moving him.I am thankful for the way  He brought us together and is allowing us to go on this wild adventure with Him.  What an honor and a blessing.

I’m thankful to God for your life and your heart is still the hottest thing about you.  You challenge me and make me laugh so flippin’ hard.  You’ll always be my jam. I love you David.