Monday, October 20, 2014

Bathing in His Beauty

We had a great weekend in Door County a few weekends ago.  Completely beautiful.  The autumn leaves are so breathtaking.  We barely have any trees in our yard. My little  stars love leaves on the ground,  Crispy , crunchy and they smell so good.  I know we're weird.

  Dave dropped us(me and the 4 bigs) off at the Eagle tower while Gabe and him got firewood.  We hiked up to the top and I felt so nauseated I had to get down.  That thing shifts and moves like crazy.  In the mean time I get down a level and the kiddos stay up there and enjoy the view looking out and taking pictures.  Looking down makes me want to just throw up.  I do not do heights very good at all. 

 After that we walked a mile on the road and acted like complete morons.  I let them scream, sing, throw leaves at each other while the cars were passing.  We even got all crazy and we all ran down a huge hill.  With our luck I was praying that no body got hurt the whole way down.  It was so much fun.  Don't take pictures while you're running.

  They were very tempted to run across the golf course.  I told them sometime when it's a little darker out we can go and break the rules.  Come on...nicely trimmed golf courses always look fun to run through and scream and dance on!!

weird kids

 (Can you feel the fun?)

Camping is the best gift for us.  We have so much fun.  My parents joined us during this trip.  They just stayed at a different campground.  We had a continuous fire throughout the day, the kiddos played for hours at the park with their swords, tag, king of the mountain and Lord of the Rings.  Making friends, drippy booger noses, hot cocoa in the coffee pot all day, Gabe screaming through the whole campground, naps, night walks, hikes on the trails and beautiful sunsets. 

visited the lighthouse

having fun in the hammock

Olivia making another concoction
apple pie and berry juice

skipping rocks at sunset

Interesting people that make weird comments to us
 Pumpkin Patch festival

papa got the kids hot dogs, pizza, kettle corn
they got to spend the night in Papa and nanee's camper too.  They love that.  We are getting ready for Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio's visit tomorrow.  We are super excited for Papa Julio to meet Gabe.  We also have to make a trek to Mayo Clinic during the week.  Please pray for another clear scan and good clear results.  Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support.  Thank you for walking this journey with us.  Thank you for your love extended. 
Love Wins