Sunday, August 3, 2014

4 trips to the one week...
While Dave was gone at physical therapy one night we went to a friend's house to go swimming.  Forgot Gabe's life jacket...drove back home and got that. That kid is Ilike a fish. He loves to be in the water.  We somehow misplaced the good life jacket we had.  The one he uses now he tips forward in.  The older ones were having fun going down the slide into the big raft and horsing around and peeing in the woods.  They think that is cool when you live in the country.  First jump in for Odin and he's bleeding from his toe.    He was in a lot of pain and he kept bleeding every time he got out of the pool.  He just kept swimming and peeing in the woods.  When he was peeing he happened to notice something right next to him moving and it was furry.  Low and behold it was 3 little baby birds.  So cute and fuzzy. (Picture coming soon.)  2 of then were dead and the other kept opening his mouth so wide he would fall over.  So cute.  No nest in sight and no momma.  Hemmed and hawed about what to do.  We got ready to leave and decided to take the little guy with us in a kleenex box. Warning the kids that it could die and talked about how we would take it in the next morning to a refuge.  Corralled the kids and got them dressed.  They thought it was hilarious to stand outside naked and get dressed. 
 Got them in the van and we were taking off and Jonah asked for his glasses. They were in the cup holder...nowhere to be found now.  When Gabe got in he happened to knock them down and step on them.  Of course he broke the frame.  It is never something simple in this family. We got home and unpacked and the kids went their own ways.  I started to get some leftovers out for dinner(Dave is still gone) and had some kids outside and some inside and realized I forgot about Odins bloody toe and we couldn't find Gabe. Of course.... he went walking right into the neighbors back door into their house.  Grabbed him and came back and finished feeding the troops.  Made up some food for the bird and fed him.  Realized I hadn't taken care of Odin yet and he was still bleeding and in some pain.   The old blood was now dried on everywhere and swollen. At this pint I was starting to wonder when Dave was going to get home.  Insert....starting to get a little impatient here.....
He finally got home and we got a hold of a wildlife refugee in Manitowoc to take the bird.  We drove to Valderz with the baby bird and dropped him of at 8:30.  Wonderful people and what a great thing they got going on there.  Needless to say by the time  we got home I was ready for bed. The volunteers at the refugee called and said the bird was a 3 day old girl and she was a finch.  She is doing great they said.  
I was happy to find out that Jonah's glasses were covered under the 60 day warranty yet.  We are still waiting for them. Thank goodness!

Back to Odin.......

We took Odin into the walk in the next day and had some x-rays.  2 whole hours at the clinic with Odin and Miah.  We had fun horsing around in the room. I was letting them spin on the stool, play on the keyboard, mess with tongue depressors and cotton swabs and  and we were having the funniest conversations. The Dr. showed us the x-rays and said we have to see and Orthopedic surgeon.  The break was a clean break right on the growth plate of his toe. 
 Seriously..why not right. So we saw the crabby surgeon and he never once even touched Odin's toe and he scolded us for waiting a few days to come in.  The scheduler in his office gave us this appointment. Sometimes you just really have to bite your tongue when it comes to some of these Dr.'s. We will wait 4 weeks and see how it heals and do more x rays then.  He then said if we have to freeze the area and pop it back into place we will do that then. this point I was perturbed.  Not an overly friendly guy.  Totally reminded us of Lotzo from Toy Story.
He joked with Odin about how it happened and Odin didn't care for his humor at all.  What a complete waste of time.

Friday night we had some friends over and the kiddos played kickball.  Which the Dr. told Odin to do what he felt like.  It was also his left toe and he's a right leg kind of guy.  A few hours after we ate dinner the kiddos came running home from the field they were playing in and said Odin's foot is bleeding really bad.  So we just waited until they walked home and took a peek. He was kind of crying, limping and bleeding. This time it was his right toe and it was more swollen than the left toe was.  Ok...this is kind of funny.  I had a hard time not laughing. Actually I totally cracked because of how he did it.  What are the odds of this happening.  Waited until the next day and took him to the walk in. Sat there for 3 hours.  We opened the place and closed it.  Totally forgot to bring a book to read too.  They did x rays and we waited for the surgeon to call back.  We have to see the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. It will be a different surgeon this time.  I really don't care to see Lotzo anyway.   He has the same exact break as he did on the left toe.  This is the first time this kid has ever done anything to hurt himself.  11 years and no injuries or trip to the Dr.'s and now 2 breaks in one week.  

Really...our lives are pretty comical.   

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