Friday, July 4, 2014

8 months ago we sat in an office and a doctor told us that Dave had stage 4 cancer. Just 3 days before that he played in a flag football tournament at church. Not one symptom. He felt fine then but now the doctor told us this awful disease was all over inside his mouth, head, and neck. That it had spread into his lymph system and he was in trouble.
8 months ago I found Dave checking his life insurance and verifying everything was in order because there was a chance he would not make it. 
8 months ago we were stunned to learn the percentages and his chances of survival. We were numb from the news and lots of tears flowed.

 As the wife of a police officer even in a small Wisconsin town like ours I know there are risks and a chance that my husband may not come home from work. Dave has been in police work for over 25 years and I know he is very good at what he does and he is smart and safe. Dave works with great people and I know he is doing his best to serve God and serve others. I also know he prepared for the worst to make sure our family was provided for if anything happened to him. Dave told me right away when we were married that he would always take care of me even if he was not here that he would still take care of me. I never wanted to think of that happening and now it was. We never expected it to hit us from an awful strange form of cancer
 8 months ago my beautiful husband asked God to "heal him". 
8 months ago Dave told God that he was not mad at him and that he would never get mad at him. That he knew God had a plan for him and Dave surrendered to God's plan.
8 months later now and we just returned from a 2 day trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
What an amazing place full of amazing people. We met with Dave's cancer team and learned a lot about his cancer. Unfortunately there is still a lot they don't know about his cancer. They still don't understand a lot about it but they do know that it appears to be gone!
They reviewed his PET scan and all confirmed what the team in Green Bay told us that it looks like Dave is CANCER FREE.  They agreed with the team in Green Bay that his scan and physical exam show no signs of cancer. 


PRAISE GOD. The power of prayer. All of you and us praying. Great doctors and treatments. PRAISE GOD.
Dave started physical therapy 2 weeks ago to help him recover from his radiation treatments. We had no idea how much of his head and upper body would be affected by the radiation treatment. His arms shoulders neck and jaw were all affected. He can move fine it just feels tight and he doesn't feel as strong as he did before but he is slowly getting better. The therapy can be painful but he is doing well and the doctors at Mayo are very happy with how far he has come in the past 8 months and especially in the past two weeks. Based on how well he is doing they believe Dave may fully recovery from all of his physical problems including the nerve damage in his face and neck.

Dave still has mouth pain from time to time but it is a lot better than before. His taste is slowly coming back and he needs to watch what he eats. We are learning more about his nutrition needs and his diet will be a lot of fruits and veggies. They even said he could have a beer now and then so he celebrated with a Guinness at dinner. (Cheers!)
Dave's weight has been stable for 2 months now. He gains a few pounds then loses a few but hasn't dropped more than what he first lost from the treatment time. He lost over 60 pounds and we had to buy him new clothes and he needed new uniforms too. 

Thank you God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you doctors.

Thank you family.

Thank you friends.
We are blessed and God is good.