Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camping trip photos.... part 1

 We love camping at State Parks
it's such a special gift to go camping as a family
and cheap too
We do easy meals, lots of hiking, biking swimming and laying a round just chatting with each other, going for lots of night walks, sitting by the fire and making smores.

Thank you auntie Sarah for the awesome hammock!

Catching toads for fun..wishing we could take some home with us.

grocery trip to Walmart...of course we have to try on a few hats!

thank you for the floatie Auntie Annie

We love swimming at Sister Bay
Peninsula State Park in Door County is one of our favorite's..

can you feel his excitement?

one trip to the Er ......which usually happens.....and it's usually Jonah
just a few stitches this year...last he broke something on his foot or ankle.
I can't keep up with this stuff

to be continued....