Thursday, June 5, 2014

God is good

We checked in at 8am at the hospital in Green Bay and they came out to get Dave. I waited in the lobby. Waiting is hard no matter if it's 15 minutes, hours, months or years.  We've been there time and again. After almost 3 hours Dave was all done.'

He said it was totally different from the last time he had a PET scan. First they inject Dave with a dye and he sat and waited for an hour while the liquid went through his body. For an hour he had to sit still and relax without anything to read or look at. 

Dave said time goes very slowly but he spends the time praying and thinking. It was tougher than normal for him this time. Once they were ready for the scan he laid down on the bed but they had him put his arms up over his head and keep them there. By the time the scan was over his arms were pretty sore. 

We left that hospital and drove across town to the other hospital to meet our cancer team there. It was great to see everyone and we shared hugs all around. Talk about nerves and anxiety all around.  It seems like no matter how much praying we do you still get butterflies in your stomach.  Waited another hour before they came in to talk to us.....seriously we just want the results here! It seemed to take forever.

Finally they came in and said it all looks good. No signs of any cancer at all. PRAISE GOD. They said Dave has some areas that are inflamed in his throat which is from his recovery, but nothing that looks like cancer and no masses or tumors anywhere at all. The inflamed areas are normal to see for someone at his stage of recovery and they had the scan checked again by another doctor to make sure they were seeing it right.

I was so happy I wanted to cry. Dave did too. We both just squeezed our hands. Dave had said that as he sat waiting he kept thinking that the results of this test were going to change our lives and nothing would be the same either one way or the other. Thank God it was clear.

They were so nice too. We really love those people and are blessed to have them in our lives and caring for us. They took the time to show us the scans and explain everything which no one did before. The asked about his weight and checked his mouth sores. It is so nice to get such good care from good people who truly care.

They showed us the entire scan. At first it was a view of Dave's head and they pointed to his brain on the screen. Dave asked the Doctor for a photo of that scan so he could prove to his police officers and his city council that the Chief really does have a brain. Everyone laughed. That's Dave, Mr. funny guy.

I cannot express the joy and relief we feel. 7 months ago we were told Dave had stage 4 cancer and the first doctor could not understand why he was not already in a hospital coughing up blood because the cancer was all through his head and neck. The first doctor looked scared and confused as he told Dave that what they thought was just a cyst in his neck was actually a large tumor and it had spread into his lymph nodes. I remember when we learned Dave had a 50-50 chance of surviving and we were stunned. We came home and Dave checked all of his life insurance plans. We waited a day or two before we told the kids. We were totally numb for 10 days. Then we got to the Mayo Clinic and they changed everything.

Now after surgeries and many tough radiation treatments it is gone. 


PRAISE BE TO GOD our awesome heavenly father. 

We know that cancer is evil and can return. Dave knows he has a chance it can still come back but we are NOT going to waste time and worry about what those chances are. Our God beats the odds over and over. Our God doesn't care about the percentage of chances he has to get it back. Our God wins again and again. Our faith has never been deeper or stronger.

Our next adventure on this journey is a 2 day trip in July to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Dave has appointments there to learn more and to hopefully help people learn more about his cancer and how to keep beating cancer.  

Thank you so much for all the prayers, calls, texts, and blessings. So many of you were praying for us. thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We knew the only way to keep afloat through this journey was to cling to Jesus. He’s not moving anywhere. He’s established. The world will change in the blink of an eye, but Jesus Christ is the same. He was with us just yesterday. He’s holding us up today, and tomorrow He’s going to make sure we're right  where we're  supposed to be.

…“your faith has healed you.” Mark 5:34