Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful things

This girl eating something else besides celery, chicken and yogurt all the time.  She is a picky eater but a healthy eater.   She made a funny face but she seemed to like it.  Darn...she ate 2 whole pieces. This sounds like no big deal but we are so proud of you.

If you are ever at our house you need to seriously watch out for flying bullets.  They are going every which way all the time.  Jeremiah got a bullseye on my smoothie when I was drinking it.

This girl does everything school from sun up to sun down.  She loves organization(but her room is a disaster) and school. She cannot wait to be home schooled next year.  We are so excited!

Hamming it up

the kiddos love making cards for people...they are truly aware of what that person is like.
love their hearts

thankful for our friends for  continually helping Dave on his licorice addiction(hee, hee)

 my children bringing me flowers constantly

these big kids giving Gabe unlimited rides in Rubbermaid. 
Love Rubbermaid

Love my life...