Friday, January 3, 2014

yes..we did
as an after Christmas tradition we let the kiddos trim the tree
usually for however long the fun lasts
Miah and Olivia lasted the longest and had the most fun

(sorry about the blurriness)

we added this to the fun this year 
thanks to the elf movie that we all love so much

we even tried Gabe...which he didn't like

oh my gosh
this was seriously funny
we did this when daddy was working
the hard thing was to figure out how to hold the tree while taking pictures
so the kiddos held the tree and I did the snapping the best I could while laughing hysterically
this lasted for about an hour or so
the tree fell on the couch twice and that was the end of jumping on the tree

but  then I showed the kids how to play 52 pick up
they thought this was a riot until Gabe started bending all of our UNO cards

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!