Friday, January 10, 2014


 We have learned so much about the effects of radiation and what it might do to Dave as he starts this next part of his journey on Monday. Every  type of radiation is different.  It all depends on where you get it.  Dry mouth, burned skin, mouth sores, fatigue, and more. The Doctors also told Dave he would probably lose the hair on the right side of his head and would definitely lose his goatee. So instead of waiting for it to fall out from the radiation, we decided he should just shave off the beard and cut his hair super short. He did both to start the New Year. Dave has not been clean shaven since we dated so this is quite a change for both of us. He looks so young! Here is a picture of him all trimmed and clean shaven and also a look at his surgery scar too. A lot of you have asked for an update on how his scar is healing.
  I think it looks great
he is feeling great and ready to take on this next phase
He will start radiation on the 13th at 12:15
please pray for strength as we conquer this next mission
thank you all so much for your prayers and love
Love Wins!