Monday, January 27, 2014

on to radiation week 3

Dave is in week 3 of his radiation treatments. 
his side effects are starting to get worse but they told us this from the start so at least we knew what to expect

fatigue, sore jaw, dry mouth, lots of mucus, loss of taste, some hair loss , and a bad sore throat
good news is that he is almost half way through his treatments and his weight has been stable now for 2 weeks
we hope to keep the weight loss to a minimum and avoid a feeding tube
he is still able to eat some solids but that changes every day
we have stocked up on Ensure and my homemade smoothies to keep him strong

the first two weeks Dave worked half days but now he is taking off
he will be able to do some work from home but it was getting too much for him to go in everyday and then go to treatments in the afternoon

Overall he is doing well and still in good spirits but it is definitely hard for him
we are blown away by all the support we have received
 all the cards, prayers, letters, shoveling our driveway, snow blowing our walks, emails, awesome meals and donations to help with bills
we are so blessed by all the love and support
 all the kiddos have been healthy the last few days so we are praising the Lord and thanking you all for your prayers and all of those who reached out to help
we couldn't do this without you
we love you dearly

*keep praying for minimal side effects

 Psalm 18: I love you Lord; you are my strength.

Some of you asked about meals so I added the link on the right
just click on it 
thanks again!