Thursday, January 23, 2014

homeschooling these past weeks
(way behind on these posts)
Odin is studying about David and Goliath
he had to make a slingshot out of twine and felt
he realized now he could braid Olivia's hair if she ever needed help 

Odin also had to make this game 
called 20 squares
a frequent game that was played in Jerusalem

Odin made blueberry muffins and some shortbread cookies the other day
did the whole thing by himself and did great
they are getting this cooking thing down pretty good

for Geography he made a play dough map of Israel and named all the cities

Odin is teaching Gabe how to play with the LEGOS without eating them

they both made King Nebuchadnezzar to eat but we kind of overcooked him

They both just read John Audubon's book
and are learning a lot about birds
all the different kinds, what they eat and how their beaks work
They had to catch popcorn(that I so gladly threw at them) with all sorts of different kinds of things
tweezers, tongs, name it
needless to say they never caught one

Papa Paul 
Gabe got into your chocolate goodies you gave us and dumped the whole container out
needless to say he was in heaven  and ate a few before  I could jump in

thank you for all the continued prayers and support