Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013
wow you guys all blew us away with your love, kindness and generosity
it is harder for us to be the receiver of so many awesome gifts from the Lord
we truly like to be givers
we are so amazed at how God works and what awesome friends and family  we have
thank you so much for your love and generous hearts
this will always be a special Christmas for us

we were trying to make brown frosting here for our manger  ...trippy

nothing worked 2 years in a row for brown frosting so we have black instead
everybody has a part in the birthday cake
 love Miah's cow with blue hooves
we love the cake for breakfast

thank you for the awesome scavenger hunt
and for all the time and energy you put into everything
we love them in our house
the kiddos will ask to do them over sometimes in the same places
they crack me up

she wore the earmuffs all day

this little guy loved his diapers

Gabe even took part in blowing the candles out

Our Thankful Christmas tree is full
it was fun to see what the kiddos put on it
apparently someone  was thankful for wings 
someone must think they can fly in our house

 this liite dude has resorted to climbing
 all the chairs all the time
you will take one away and he will make a bee line for the next one
so we have moved them all into the living room for now
if you want a seat you grab one from the living room
and take it into the kitchen and you stay there

thank you all for making our Christmas so special
it will be one we will never forget 

Love Wins