Wednesday, November 27, 2013

visiting daddy
we decided to go and visit daddy early so we could get a good parking spot
we scored right by the elevators
We got there by 7ish just in time to see daddy puking
Dr. stopped in today and said he has to keep food down today or the feeding tube goes in
they have tried applesauce and jello
everything is coming up even the water
he still has an iv with antibiotics
and the drain will hopefully come out today
they are giving him injections in his arm for blood clotting
went and visited with some homeless people by Mayo Clinic today and they were so funny
this one little Grandma we were talking to asked Odin if he could just get her some food and Pampers
he my baby brother wears?
she said yes...for adults though
he then proceeds to ask her what size
it was so funny and cute at the same time
so we didn't find any in the proximity 
so we had some blessing bags packed already and we went and got them all some hot cocoa
they were very thankful
we went and read some more at Barnes and Noble
I think they are going to kick us out of there soon.  they gotta have cameras on us
I mean all were doing is taking books and sitting in chairs and reading for a couple hours
the kids love it!
then we swam some more
they all have rashes on their faces I think from so much chlorine these past few days
 we went back up to see Dave later this afternoon
he was keeping the applesauce  down so far
Praise the Lord!
we were walking around and doing some puzzles
Dave was getting teary and sad
and then it had a ripple effect on all of us
we all just want to get back home together as a family

on a funny note 
we were driving around later just before dusk and we saw this homeless man at the stop lights
so the kiddos are like just crossover the 3 lanes(going the wrong way) and we'll throw a blessing bag out the window at him
all right 
it was funny
we threw the bag to the guy and he was so excited
he guys are awesome
thank you so much 
you guys Rock
the kiddos thought is was so much fun
breaking the law and going the wrong way on the road 

we settled down for the night at the hotel and watched a movie
we are hoping to get out of here tomm. morning

 pray for sleep 
and to be able to keep the food down
  Thank you so much for all your prayers and love!
Praise the Lord he is moving!