Monday, November 18, 2013



We serve an awesome faithful God 

I cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers, love and support.  
We couldn't have made it here without all of your generous donations of money and gas cards
We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives.
We got here on Sunday and checked into our hotel 
a little harder to relax especially when you know why your here in the first place.
You see all of these people in the hotel from all over the USA and wonder why they are here

we went to meet the Doctors very early this morning  and spent the entire day there. What an amazing place. I could do a whole post on how awesome this place is. Maybe I will. We met so many awesome people from all over the world here.  Our kids were great. they love to read and draw.  We met with the dream team of Dr.s(so they say here) for about 2 hours first thing this morning.  Wow.  Completely amazing.  They put themselves on your level in every way imaginable.  The kiddos spent hours in the lobby while Dave went from one test and exam to another and another all day long. Such an amazing home school adventure!

The doctors reviewed all of Dave's medical papers and test results. Then he had several exams with multiple doctors. All of them came up with the same diagnosis and all three of them came up with a totally different treatment plan for him than our doctors back home. 

Thank you God....that was specifically what we were praying for  

Dave has what they are calling "the new cancer". They said that 80% of people carry the virus and have no problems. Most of our bodies kill the virus on our own but people who have weak immune systems can develop this type of cancer. 1 in 15,0000 people is the number they gave us. Dave is a "1" in that group.  When the doctors told us this Dave smiled and said "I always knew I was special". Typical Dave humor. At least he was smiling.

The doctors here also found more cancer. The found it in Dave's tonsil and believe it is the original cancer that started everything. It is very small(like a bee bee) but all three doctors who examined him believe it started in his tonsils and moved into his neck. They also believe the cyst he had was actually a cancer tumor forming in his neck.

The good news is that they believe they can beat it. We will be coming back here next Sunday and the following day on Monday Dave will have surgery on both his throat and neck. They want to remove all the cancer from his tonsils and the rest of the cancer in his neck. The doctors here are going to use robots to help them do the surgery to prevent damage to Dave's nerves and voice box. Dave will be in the hospital 3 or 4 days and then off for time to recover. We'll drive up again and spend Thanksgiving week here in Rochester. The hotel is very nice and we are lucky it is close to the hospital. They gave us a good rate and the room fits all of us so that is nice too. 

About a month after that surgery we will come back again to start radiation treatment. 

More good news is that all three of the cancer doctors here do not want him to go through both chemo and radiation. On another note.....they actually said we don't think going in there with bazookas would be the best thing. They believe the surgery with radiation alone should work. 


Tears of God's goodness and faithfulness poured down  
we are so blessed and give all the GLORY to GOD

I cannot tell you how relieved we were to hear this. How amazing each doctor, every nurse, every assistant, and how awesome everyone here was to work with. They were so nice and comforting and professional. It is no wonder they are so highly ranked in the field of medicine. We also got to spread the word on our awesome vasectomy reversal Dr.. too when talking to some other women we met.

  Thank you again for everything!
We love you dearly