Friday, November 8, 2013

homeschooling this week

Jonah had to make Indian sand
He is studying about William Penn, John Smith, Squanto
We used a tablespoon of table salt and a few drops of food coloring
It worked out well

                                           Jonah just picked the hardest picture to draw.

                       This is a picture of what it looks like before we shook it off outside

I didn't take one after because we lost all the sand
Our glue wasn't sticking for some reason

Odin had to make 12 jewels that go onto your breastplate.
Studying heavy and hard about Israel in every subject

                                                               Jonah made one too

they also had to recreate Moses and the Red Sea

we had a great week
some days seem to be better than others
some days I lose my patience and I just want a nap
the boys seem to be the same that way
some days they are excited learners and others
they dilly dally so much it drives me crazy
I like order and routine
learning to slow down and find joy in everything
So thankful for God's grace every day!!