Thursday, October 10, 2013

homeschooling fun

I love that we can be anywhere and home school
house, potty, grocery store, car, dr.'s office 
you name it
you can teach children anywhere you are 
and God is simply in everything
                      some days we have popcorn and hot chocolate...just because we can
                                                             and the kiddos love it
                                        like were breaking the rules or something
            love how innocent kiddos are and how they find pure joy in the little things

                                                                Gabe is loving it too...

                                          Jonah tried piano lessons but it wasn't for him
            so we have this keyboard(that was a huge blessing) that sits in our living room now 
                             every now and then the kiddos will walk by it and play a few tunes

Loving our days together...