Wednesday, October 23, 2013

beautiful things

                                                           thankful for those freckles

                                                  walks at Ledge View Nature Center

                                                          this guy got a free ride

                       the kiddos like to climb this thanks I am afraid of heights
                                    I am always afraid they are going to fall from there
                                               just looking at it gives me a heart attack

                                            this little guy is now called the "Destoyer" 
                                 I have decided to just clean up later on during the day
                                because all he does is get everything right back out again.
                      Ya  gotta love this's like bombs going off all over our house
                                      if you want a clean house...don't come to ours
                                           Just keep walking...just keep walking 

                                                     thankful for awesome friends
                                         a friend of ours showed the kiddos how to golf
                                                        we had a blast at his house
                                                           thanks for the memories

                                                                        me included..

                                                           complete with prizes too...

         Odin made hot chocolate and snacks for everyone helping daddy on a cool fall day
                                                                love that boys heart

                             thankful  these kiddos love to color and draw and create most of all....

                                                   creating with Legos is their favorite

                         my kiddos love the Lego minifigures..they like to buy these with 
                                                 their money when they have some..
                 I think they like the fact that you never know what your getting in the bags

                                                thankful for crunchy and crispy leaves!