Monday, September 9, 2013

love my kiddos
this little big man is getting big 
his brothers and sisters are having so much fun with him
I am so glad they still argue over him
                                          he loves to sit next to these pillows and relax
                                                             I think it's a corner thing
                                       he backs himself up into any corner and sits there

                                                  he is one happy guy most of the time

                        Jonah wanted to take piano lessons and we have no piano so I wasn't
 sure how this was going to work, besides lessons are expensive and I am a momma who likes to hang with my family instead of running them to classes and such. So we prayed about finding a keyboard at a rummage sale or goodwill or something just to try it first to see if he would even like it.  Low and behold we found a brand spanking new $200 key board from another home school momma for FREE..  Whoa God is good and we were so excited!  They were such a sweet family!  Olivia was rocking out...

                                                        love those bubble gum kicks!

                                                                    this guy rocks

                          ok, my kiddos are so done with summer and excited for the snow
they decided to have an indoor snowball fight with hundreds of crumbled up paper and give each other Christmas gifts wrapped and all.  I love when they trade their stuff with each other.
                                                                   We had a blast!

                                           Olivia is playing Christmas music for us!

this girl has got it

Have a great day!