Monday, September 16, 2013

First week of school
We are done with the second week of school and it went great!
The Little's at public school had some tears, Olivia got a bad cold already, crabby attitudes, some tummy aches and I don't feel so goods(another word for I miss home) and Jeremiah got his head hit with a basketball  so hard it knocked him flat on the ground.
He was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing 
These two both are so tired and crabby by the end of the week
of course if you ask them ....... they are never tired!

Odin and Jonah had fun too
They fight over who goes on the treadmill first and they start their day as soon as they wake up 5:30ish
Love this positive attitude stuff
hoping it stays that way
they are my listers just like me
they like to give it their all and get it done
they keep working most of the days and don't even eat breakfast until 9:00
they love everything
I hope it stays this good!
Odin is studying creation and he loves it
he is on fire for the bible
some of his questions I have to look up
I haven't got a clue!
this guy is always reading
everywhere including the potty

Jonah is reading George Rogers Clark, Ben & Me, and doing a lot of studying on Christopher Columbus
he is definitely a different learner than Odin
some of the reading is pretty heavy for him but I like to push him harder
We are also studying Bach for music and Picasso for Art
they are having a lot of fun together and Gabe adds the extra excitement!