Wednesday, August 21, 2013

my dad gave this little man an oreo for the first time

                                                            can you tell he loved it

we have been having lincoln log/lego battles gallore
Jeremiah got these as a gift last year and the kiddos love them

they love to read to him but Gabe is not so sure about sitting there and listening

love this girls' style
believe it or not this was my old shirt from high school
some how I fit into it

                                                             can you tell this girl  love's the dirt

we went to my brother's house a few hours away for a birthday party
and the kiddos loved his pool

                                                    Does this Batmobile rock or what!!

wrestling in the pool always leads to some kind of argument

Gabe loves his little pool and
of course the kiddos just love when he's naked

I love my life!