Friday, July 26, 2013


Well this summer seems to be the time for broken bones
When we were camping at Peninsula State Park  this last week
Our kiddos were racing up and down this hill doing all sorts of tricks on their bikes
 always the fearless leader
asking about doing handstands on a bike

Jonah was going around the corner up a hill and took the corner to fast 
and literally skidded a few feet off his bike
bad case of road rash and some tears
There was one big wound on his ankle it was disgusting
Like I always said on this blog I can do poop and puke and broken bones but for some reason blood bothers me.

We noticed he was still having a hard time walking on it  4 days after the accident
so when we got home we took him to the walk in clinic
and sure enough 
he had broken  a corner of his growth plate under the tibia
So he has to wear an Ace bandage with a support brace instead of a cast for a month
He seems to be doing just fine and the wounds are healing great!