Monday, April 15, 2013

Schooling days
serious battles going on here

Jeremiah has a basket of crosses for everyone to color and take to the elderly home

Odin was making a trencher for a history project.
never heard of the things
  A trencher was originally a piece of stale bread, cut into a square shape by a carver, and used as a plate, upon which the food could be placed before being eaten. At the end of the meal, the trencher could be eaten with sauce.

Then we had a medieval feast.  
they were totally not yummy

this is how we roll....

Odin was done with school so he decided to sort and alphabetize all the movies

Jonah's way of refilling the toilet paper
he just thought they were making the rolls larger now...

We do a lot of popcorn lunches in this house.  That is why it is easier to order it in the #50 bags.

Odin is learning how to write a story for Language Arts right now and he chose to write about
me going into labor with Gabe.

I thought...really of all the topics you could pick

I am changing Gabe on the floor and he comes up and says "mom what are those things called that you had to keep track of like every 5 minutes that hurt really bad?"
He got the C right
then he walks away and says your so beautiful mom
he is going to make a good husband some day...although he wants to home school,while his wife works and he wants two sons named Thor and Loki  
Beauty right outside my front door....