Wednesday, April 10, 2013

loving our hubbies
My husband rocks!
Going to that conference this past month has really opened my eyes
I am sure we all have been there
when we come home and notice our husbands didn't do this or that
or maybe did it totally different than we would
we start building up all these assumptions in our head and most of the time they are wrong
 I have done that plenty of times over the silliest things that really don't matter

We have to realize as mommies that they will never do things like we would
they are just not made to be moms like we are
God put us in each others lives for a purpose
Dads are designed to let kiddos go and fly
we are made to nurture and protect 
They want our respect
plain and simple
tell them thank you more often 
 I don't need to be thanked for every little thing I do, but men need to know they are appreciated
they are more sensitive that way
the POWER of appreciation goes a long way.....

  Celebrate and love your husband for who he is, instead of who he isn't

way to go on your award last night David
we are so proud of you!