Wednesday, March 13, 2013

seeing joy

sometimes I have those days where I get crabby and am over tired
where I just need to keep talking to God and keep asking for his grace to cover me
it always seems like I have to take a step back on those days 
seeing joy in the midst of life
sometimes I feel like you wait on things to change and before you know it you missed out on so many moments of joy.
living intentionally and seeking joy
throughout your day
joy cannot be bought
it simply is a choice

my grocery lists brings me so much joy

I love the fact that every week when I make one
some one has taken the time to write something on there about what they need, something funny or just a simple I love you
totally makes me smile and brings joy to this mamas heart

watching 2 kids constantly pester each other and then they are asking to bake together the next minute

there is always mundane things that will need to be done
everyday I make a to do list
because I am a list kind of person

like laundry
a drawer to be organized,
 bathrooms to be deep cleaned, dusting
toys picked up..... you name it 

 motherhood is about managing the always need to be done things with the items that we should really be doing 
like reading a book to my 5 year old 
laying with them in bed at night when I really just want to go in my own bed and go to sleep
 playing a game of jenga with my 7 year old.
letting them use glitter and make a mess
just sitting on the couch and talking
playing legos with them when I could be reading my own book
 having a chocolate milkshake for breakfast
just because......

this was over 2 hours of entertainment for Gabe 
Olivia and Miah decided to use the old streamers on a sword and just keep swinging them around and around.  
I was getting annoyed with it after 10 minutes but they continued until he was ready for a nap 2 hours later.

we choose to spend most of our time together as a family and  say no to other things
because I know this time will pass and tomorrow means another page turned and another moment passed
motherhood is such a gift 
and children are an amazing blessing
don't miss motherhood!