Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our little miracle 

In the fall of 2011 I had a visitor come across my blog with 19 kids and counting
she had decided to email me asking if my husband was fixed or not
I thought that was an interesting question to ask someone 
 We had exchanged emails talking about our failed adoption from the year prior and my love for children and how I wanted more
So she says to me, I have a good friend who does reverse vasectomies as a ministry 
really, that's great I said
she sent me his name and info and I told her I would pray about this and see where God leads us.  
I thanked her and sat on this for a minute
this is totally weird but I kept thinking
so I continued to pray by myself about this for 2 months or so until I said something to Dave
I really wasn't thinking about being pregnant again
even though I had great pregnancies and very easy labors
I loved being pregnant and of course I loved eating for 2
I took the eating for 2 seriously
you only live once and it's something you'll never forget
I had contacted the Dr in Arkansas and got to know one of the workers there very well.  she had prayed for us and helped us in any way possible
such a sweet lady
then I really felt God put this on my heart that this is something we need to do
Dave wasn't too sure about this but I was feeling the Lord move on this
So we set the date for February 
We split the kiddos up and took off on our road trip to Arkansas
I had brought along plenty of CD's from my favorite church in South Carolina
Pastor Steven Furtick rocks
they did a 12 day revival and it was awesome
Dave and I kept looking at each other like as we drove straight through from Wisconsin to Arkansas saying I can't believe we are doing this kind of thing
13 hours there on a Thursday
got to the hotel and checked in
Had a good nights sleep...I did anyway
Dave was having horrible dreams
Satan was hard at work on him during the night
I knew inside that everything was going to be ok and this is what we were supposed to do
I knew God was not through giving us children 
 Got up and
I was super excited and Dave was nervous
had a light breakfast and went to his office to finally meet the Doc and this wonderful lady I had been conversing with 
The Doc went over the procedure with us  and prayed with us
then he started  and I waited and prayed in the waiting room 
Dave was out in about an hour and a half

Went to get some medicine and wet back to the hotel and Dave rested all day
I visited the local thrift stores there for fun and we watched storage wars
never saw that before
we don't have cable and so it was fun to watch

Left the next day and drove home in 13 hours
we were laughing on the way home and having fun
we still could not believe what we just did

Waited on the Lord and 4 weeks after the surgery I was pregnant with #5
 On November 2, 2013  Gabriel Eugene was our miracle baby.
He was such a gift that the Lord had gave to us.
We praise God!

What could you be missing out on or who are you  missing out on?  

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