Monday, December 3, 2012

the beginning....
We are sooooo very excited  for the start of advent and
to do our random acts of kindness advent.
Doing advent is one of our favorite traditions in this family
 We found that there is just so many fun random acts of kindness ideas we were coming up with that we have chosen to do them all year long... a few times a month
the kiddos have so much fun giving and serving others

Day 1

We made carrot and raisin cookies with a taste of cinnamon
topped with a cream cheese frosting
they were mighty tasty
the kiddos closed their eyes when they tried them so they didn't have to see the carrot
they said, "who puts carrots in cookies mom?"
we took them over to the elderly home, visited with a few people and the kiddos had fun checking out their Christmas decorations

Day 2

we ran errands for 6 hours and never saw 1 bell ringer
the kiddos were disappointed
so we will hopefully find some in the days to come.
this is one of their favorite ones