Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby Gabe
he is doing good
he was getting up every 2 hours 
making lots of noise

always grunting
like I thin I am going to video tape him
I have never seen anything like this before
he is even sleeping while he does it
not sure if it's a soothing thing or what but it's fun and disruptive especially if you are trying to sleep during the night
The other night I put him down at 8
he got up at 12:30 to eat 4 oz
 back up at 3:30 to eat 4 oz 
back to bed until 6:30
 it was so nice

he is still sleeping in the bouncy seat and swing though
he is still pukey laying down so this is how we roll lately
the kiddos still love on him and help whenever I ask or they see the need 
Jeremiah is even fast on his toes when the baby is squawking
they have a tendency to put things by him 
like he needs a blanket or something 
it's very cute
Olivia wants me to bring him to school every day for show and tell along with Jonah

Day 8

they love to do the old ring the doorbell and run technique

Day 9 

we always have a lot of fun doing this
we just had a hard time finding bell ringers again