Friday, December 7, 2012


                  We were truly blessed with a wonderful gift given to us by a dear friend of ours. 
   We were invited to go away for a few days to the Wisconsin Dells and stay at the Wilderness Resort   with  3 families(some from church) and our dear friend Gary
                             Gary blessed us with a huge surprise that I will share with you soon.
                                             It was such a blessing and so much fun!
                                                         The kiddos all had a blast.
                                                           Water parks for 2 days
                                                         glow in the dark laser tag
                                                        3d glow in the dark mini golf
                          an awesome and HUGE play area big enough for the adults to play too
                                        riding a shuttle bus back and forth to our cabin
                                                             deer in the backyard
                                                           movies on the big screen
                                                          running around the cabin
                                                                 crazy loud kids
                                                         lots and lots of great food
                                                                 great fellowship
                                                          It was such a special treat.
                                         We are so grateful for these wonderful  friends.
                                                Thanks for everything especially the memories

                                                  Day 3

This was a little tricky because the laundromat was full of people
                         they acted like spies and it was fun!

                          do you think he was a little tired? 

                                           Day 4

       they wanted to do this in the dark with jammies on
we were a little limited living in a small town and all and        what is open at 5:30 in the morning.