Monday, October 1, 2012

Random thoughts

some days are good
some days just slip by and 
some days I just can't stop thinking about 2 little babes
I know this is part of the grieving process
and I do know this is part of God's plan.
there are days I am mad at God and do not want to talk to him
but I know our God is a good God
it was very hard to go through my little hospital bag and put everything away
just the thought of twins made my heart skip a beat
I was so excited......
We have a strong faith as a family
each day I hug my kiddos a little more and am so grateful I can stay home with them and love on them
and tell them we need to thank God in all circumstances (this is the hard one..)
each day I squeeze my hubby more and
 let him know how much I'm  in love with him(and cry on his shoulder)
some things just make me cry
 I am a real person with emotions here
it is not easy going through this but we will get through this
thank you all for your prayers, emails and cards
we greatly appreciate them...