Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeschooling rocks!
simple as that
I found my groove
and we both love it
it's very easy and simple
He says he is learning so much more 
and he loves everything we do.
Loving this time together...

working on history and geography together
Odin was looking for Saudi Arabia and says "that sounds like a disease"
Baghdad sounds like "Bag your dad"
there is so much fun in learning together
I never realized I would learn so much.
this guy loves the map, globes and projects
 we do lots  of reading for every subject which is just up his alley
we have made some fun projects so far like 
Egyptian pastries, a crook, Pharaoh Hatsheput's name in hieroglyphics, a playdoh version of the great ice age and lots of little science projects too.

We are working on when moses leads Israel out of Egypt.
the other kiddos are still jealous but we will see what next year brings.
I am learning to not be so strict on lists, and everything being so orderly all the time and following a tight schedule 
I am such a list person....
I get so excited to cross things off just before they are done sometimes
I know I am weird.

 The other day we were talking about presidents and Odin asked what were some of the presidents when I was in school?
Randomly I said George Clinton

ok..I said it like 3 times to him 
then I realized(like 3 hours later) that I was still in my hippy era thinking about my old grand master of funk cd's that I have to get out of storage and listen to....
so I nicely told him...oops it was Bill Clinton
then he says who is George Clinton?

time to go through my cd's