Friday, October 26, 2012

Daddy's 44th birthday

 my candles were melting fast and the kiddos thought it was so funny
we had eggs and hash browns for breakfast
tacos for dinner
and Dave's favorite Hormel Chili for lunch

We hung out and had a nice relaxing day
thank you all for the gifts and cards and well wishes.

daddy's favorite
Olivia was so excited to buy those with her own money

Happy Birthday David
you are truly one of a kind
we have good days and bad days
some days we are consumed with crabby kids, meetings day in and day out, temper tantrums
unfinished lists, a messy house and pure exhaustion.....
there is no other person I feel closer to than you. 
you are my forever companion
it just takes little moments when I am reminded of how perfect you are for me
you are exactly what I needed
my soul mate
thank you..