Wednesday, September 5, 2012

love these kiddos
so as I am putting Jeremiah's pull up on for a nap 
he says
"how did the baby get in your belly?"
do you realize none of my other children have even asked me that
it took me a bit to answer because i was shocked that he wondered about it.

later that day he was calling me into the bathroom
if you've ever come to our house you will always here
"I need a wiping"
from somebody.
It's kind of a joke.....
so I go in and help Jeremiah 
ya know I just love how little kiddos look on the potty
they look like they are always going to fall in.
he says
"when I get older to I have to kiss my wife"
I said yes and we talked about it for a bit
then he says
"do I have to kiss her long or short"
both...talked about it some more
then he looks at me in a puzzling way and says
"cause I don't think I can breathe if I kiss her long"
i could barely keep a straight face
kiddos just crack me up
I am so blessed.

We made it through our fist day o!f schooling
Praise the Lord!