Friday, July 27, 2012

Another injury on Jonah's list!

not quite sure what the 2 older boys were doing but just horsing around in our laudry room.  
All of a sudden I hear Jonah screaming like he was dying.  
Now if you know Jonah and the drama he is good at I thought he about broke an arm or somrthing
We always talk about the boy who cried wolf with him and
I just finished scolding him for over reacting a bit until I saw blood running down his head and through his hands
oh, I am sorry I said....
Let me tell you how terrible I am at wounds
I say all the wrong stuff have like a hole in your head and I can see the meat
I think we better call daddy at work
I think I have to take you in
Sure enough daddy does these things so much better.
Off to the walk in for some of these 
the cut was about an inch or more 
and I was so glad they used staples not stitches
I wasn't ready for the drama of the stitches going in.
my  good friend was our nurse
Jonah did great and 
thanks to the Dr. and Rachel for the care
he is good to go

Please keep praying for us
-fast paperwork with a good outcome!