Monday, June 25, 2012

if god is about god
then we are not the center of the universe
almost all the conflict in our life is built upon our belief that the world
  is about us.
 the reason you get angry in traffic because the world is about
the reason there is conflict in your marriage because 
 your spouse better be doing these things
why you have conflict at work because the world is about
how dare they do this to you
how dare they do that to me
how dare they not give you the honor your due
the more the world is about you the more angry and tired you will be
 and the more it's not about you how  free you are
ultimately when I am at home, my  marriage is about Jesus Christ
there is mercy, forgiveness, grace, patience
if my marriage is not about Jesus Christ and about me there is expectations
the apostle Paul
an untouchable man
hard pressed
 beaten and left for dead
 shipwrecked 3 times
what point are you like, lord are you serious
I'm doing your work
that is possible because his righteousness was a foreign righteousness
it wasn't his own
it was given to him in Jesus Christ
despite me
my continued failures
 foolish heart
because of god's resurrection
he sees me as  
god owns the glory

your way is a way
it is not the way
god for you
loves you
shepherds you
but do it to make much of himself and for his glory
god is about god
we are infinitely guilty but Christ has made a way
god is not in love with some future version of you
it's not you when you get your act together
there is no sin in your life, past present or future that has more power than the cross of Jesus Christ
there is not a wound that he can't heal
if you are hell bent to hold onto that hurt and bitterness
you will get the fruit of that poison